Tiny traveller

tiny traveller

She won’t go to bed without a bear suit, and a blanket tucked securely over her legs. If you skip the book before bed, she cries. If she isn’t not lying on her lacy pillow case, she also cries. My little creature of habit and security.

My husband likes travelling. I like travelling. My eldest LOVES travelling. But my youngest…we weren’t so sure.

During our epic book tour adventure last September, she cried in the back seat. ‘I just want to go home,’ she said. Over and over again. And here we were, dragging her across the country. I planned our trip with my eldest daughter’s wanderlust and adaptable sensibilities in mind. I didn’t yet know how the smallest would cope.

After a day or two, with the right blanket, the right bear suit, the right doll, the right books and the right pillow case, she was okay. Occasionally, she’d ask to go home. But it was mainly so she could dress up as Elsa.

Five months later, we are on the road again, living out of suitcases and sleeping on mattresses. Yes, I thought about my youngest this time, and brought necessary bear suit etc. Yes, I worried about how she’d cope. But, selfishly, I hoped for the best.

As it turns out, the best was worth hoping for. With the right bear suit, the right blanket and the right doll, my tiny traveller is happy anywhere.

She loves people as much as my eldest daughter. She is just as adaptable.

We have a little night-time routine, where my youngest and I disappear upstairs for quiet time. We read Rita’s Rhino, by Tony Ross. We have a few ways of reading it, to entertain us, and make us laugh. Then we read Ella Bella and The Sleeping Beauty Ballet. Initially, she loved it for the dancing and the tutus. But when I changed the dancers to football players, and the bad fairy to a bad giraffe, she loved it even more.

Children can be amazing and adaptable, can’t they? How do your children travel?

Stay well! x

  • Bless her. Little darling. We’ve only travelled the once to New Zealand almost two years ago now. The girls both adapted well thankfully x

    • That is good to hear. I think if kids know that they are safe, and their parents are near, essentially they can go most places. x