The Happy Campers













My older daughter’s been asking to go camping for months. I’ve been itching to go too. Too many screens in our house. Need nature.

We finally found a couple of days in a row to escape last weekend, and packed our trunk with all the things we figured we would need to survive over two days in the bush – food, clothes, sleeping stuff, and not one, but two tents – because one tent was ridiculously tiny, and the other was ridiculously big – so we weren’t sure which ridiculous would be better.

We found a remote campsite in the Mebbin National Park forest. With a composting toilet, but little else but nature, it was perfect.

After pitching our ridiculously small tent, then deciding the ridiculously big tent was more suitable, we wandered down the bush track to the crystalline creek running through the valley. The girls waded, and balanced on slippery stones. The afternoon sun dusted their shoulders.

We ate surrounded by wildlife – goannas, kookaburras, wallabies. Despite the hard ground, we slept peacefully, huddled together in one corner of our oversized tent.

There’s something about going back to basics. A simple life, without all the excess stuff is so – simple. I hadn’t realised I was stressed – but something – stress? evaporated in the little bush camp. Without toys, there were no arguments. Without routines or places to be, there was no agitation.

Children were lost in their imagination, inspired by fresh air, seedpods and leaves. My love for my husband flourished, as I watched him competently build a fire, pitch a tent etc. So useful, and manly.

We were good in the forest.

I could have stayed forever.

Are you a happy camper?

  • Looks fantastic. Gorgeous photos. I love camping and getting back to nature but I’m not keen on the whole packing up what feels like half the house and the unpacking and work it creates when we get back. I think I may need to simplify our camping experience and just make more time.

    • We made the pack up pack down pretty simple. I just packed one big tupperware container full of useful items, and one bag of clothes. It was just a matter of cleaning it all when we got home 🙂

  • Totally amazing photos.
    I haven’t been camping for years. But we plan to go at Christmas time.

    • Thank you Sam!

      It had been a long time since we went camping too… but I think we’ll do more. x

  • That light Zanni!

    You make me want to go camping. Which is a bit of a long stretch because I have a semi-true self-imposed ban after living in a tent for a couple of years as a kid 😉 But I too yearn for that connection to nature and simple time spent with my family. Will have to say yes next time the suggestion comes up and just dive back in!

    • The light was lovely Amber! Gregor and I talk about taking the kids on the road and living in a tent – but maybe we should think again! Have a lovely time when and if you go xx

  • Eek. Camping is not for me at all, but it sounds like you had a wonderful time. The photos are just gorgeous. I’m glad the four of you had a chance to get away from it all xx