Tales of a sagging calendar


The days are hot. Our American cousins are here. Our Granny Annie arrives in less than five days.

Christmas is creeping towards us, slowly, quickly…hang on, it’s almost here.

As my calendar hangs from it’s last scrappy page, almost collapsing from the weight of the year, I am thinking about how to sum it all up.

What was this year, and where did it go? And is it true that every year gets shorter the older you get? Because that’s what it feels like.

I know what happened to this year.

I was working. Not for all of it, but unlike previous years where I have worked in and around family at odd hours, I have had actual work days, which I have committed to actual work.

It’s been good. I have liked the structure, and the vague sense of organisation. My older daughter’s gone off to preschool, Gregor’s taken Rosie out for the day, and I have used every minute I have had as wisely as I possibly could.

2014 was productive. Definitely.

But it was also disconnecting in some ways. With work days comes the need to urgently scrabble for family time and down time and time in nature, and with all that urgent scrabbling, my friendships have suffered.

Or maybe, as one friend suggested, we are just entering the second phase of parenting. In the first phase, we hung out with babies, and days bled into each other, as we poured cups of tea for each other.

In phase two, our kids are off at school or preschool. Many of us are back at work, and somehow …Life. Change. It’s neither good nor bad. Just different.

My career and my creative pursuits have also changed and reformed this year.

As driven and as motivated as I am, I am also one to go with the flow, and the flow this year has been speedy and sometimes crazy.

I went to a children’s book conference in May. Janine and I organised the High Tea in July. I’ve run blogging workshops. I went to ProBlogger. Gregor and I started The Quincys.

I have dropped in and out of blogging, and lately, have spent less and less time on my blog and on social media. I’ve needed these things to dominate my life less, and connection to my family and nature to dominate my life more.

I haven’t had that itch to post about every aspect of my life. I rather spend my nights watching comedy shows with Husband and eating Lindt. And that’s ok. Like friendships, and career, and creativity, it’s ebb and flow, and maybe it will all change again soon.

Hope your Christmas decorations are hanging happily, your family is regrouping and your days are slowing as your calendar breathes its last sigh for the year.

If I am not here again, happy Christmas, festivities, family…or whatever it is you celebrate at this time of year. Thank you for reading here this year.

Zanni x


  • New chapters are always exciting and sounds like this past year for you has really been full of creativity and flow. Merry Christmas to you and cheers to another exciting year!

  • You’ve had a big year Zanni, with lots to be excited about. Isn’t it beautiful when you can look back and see all the hard work has been worth it?
    I hope you, Gregor and your two gorgeous possums have the most wonderful Christmas/family celebration.
    Your motivation and gentle soul have inspired and comforted me this year, Zanni.
    No doubt we’ll catch up sometime xx

    • Thank you Lisa! That’s lovely to hear I’ve been inspiring in some way 🙂 Would love to catch up in 2015 xx

  • Merry Christmas to you and yours Zanni. I think you’ve achieved a lot and should be really proud of the Quincys and your book coming out next year. The thing is the flow is an ebb and flow – I’m like you, backing of social media lately. We will see what 2015 holds but I know it will be good for you. X

    • Thank you Kathy! It’s fun to see where 2015 will take all of us… Have a lovely Christmas xx

  • Happy Christmas to you and your family too, Zanni. I’ve so enjoyed your blog and friendship this year. Looking forward to reading more in the new year x