Raw beauty ~ spending less on beauty products

Spending less on beauty - raw beauty

At 17, I was swiping my face with Clearasil face cleansers, imagining my spotty oily ugliness being wiped away. I would then tone, and my face rung with the current of cleanliness and purification. Once the pores were tight, I would smooth in a moisturiser, bringing back my skin’s softness.

And yet that pimple remained.

I asked a friend one morning what her secret was. Her skin was pimple-free, fresh and peaceful.

“Water,” she said. Just plain old water. Apparently, she’d splash it on in the morning and that was that.

I tried it. The pimple went away.

A week later, still pimple free. Wow. I never looked back.

My beauty routines have only become more sparse as I edge over the cliff of 30. I have two hair cuts a year (and maybe squeeze in a couple of fringe trims so I am not looking through a curtain).

I wax my legs myself using Nads body wax strips. I do this watching the girls in the bath, and it takes me approximately 10 minutes a time. I have also started waxing my arms. After years of waxing, it no longer hurts.

Occasionally I tweeze out those little raggedy hairs that insist on joining my eyebrows.

Each morning, I wash my body (or parts of) with Castile soap, and use a natural deodorant.

In the evening, I splash a bit of water on my face. That’s it.

The longest part of my beauty routine used to be washing my hair every morning. I loved the massage, and the hot water running down my back. But I gave up using shampoo and conditioner last August on a friend’s advice. Told you – just getting more sparse.

Even brushing my long hair takes less time now, as it’s no longer knotty from being washed.

Reading this, you might think I am a bit unpresentable. Scruffy – perhaps a bit smelly. But I beg to differ. My skin glows, as much as skin without foundation can. My legs aren’t perfectly waxed. My eyebrows aren’t perfectly shaped. My hair has a natural-ish, oily sheen. But I am clean, and presentable.

The thing with being 17 and obsessed with skin care products was that I was trying to purge everything about myself. Get me out of me, please, and take that disgusting pimple with you.

In my fourth decade, I am wiser, less pimply and spend way less time, money and energy on beauty. Simple. Raw.

What’s your beauty regime consist of?

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(By the way, this is not a sponsored post – just giving a shout-out to the handful of products I actually use and believe in.)