DIY : : Simple macrame plant hangers

Macrame Hanging Planters So, we have this lovely painted white brick wall in our house, and it has been calling out for some prettiness. I have seen macrame plant hangers around the place, and found them to be pretty, but a little over-priced. In my thriftiness, I thought I could make something like those. So I did.

I found a bunch of beautiful coloured cotton/viscose yarn in the knitting section of Spotlight. It was half price. And shiny. Chose some colours.

For these, you will need:

8 lengths of approx. 120cm cord (I used fine knitting cotton/viscose yarn, but you could also get parachute cord from Bunnings – comes in neon!)
key ring
sharp scissors
glass jar (painted or not painted)

DIY macrame plant hanger materials 1. I started with my ordinary up-cycled glass jar. I swirled in some blackboard paint, then poured it out, ensuring the entire inside surface of the jar caught the paint.

2. Take your eight lengths of cord. Loop the eight lengths through your key hole, so you are doubling the thickness and halving the length. Tie a knot near the key ring to hold. Cut your loops neatly at the end.

macrame hangers 3. Start about a third of the way from the top, and start knotting pairs of cord together.

macrame plant hanger knots 4. Once you have tied eight knots, start a second row. You are knotting one thread from a pair with one thread from another pair, to make a zigzag.

macrame plant hangers 5. Work around, until you have another row of eight knots. Join the last pair, so you have a complete circle.

6. Start another row in the same fashion. You can do as many rows as you like. The taller the vessel you want the hanger to hold, the more rows you will need.

7. Knot all the threads together, leaving a tail.

One trick for finer cord, and skinnier vessels is to do the rows of knots quite close together. This will be particularly effective if you are using a vibrant coloured cord. You can also increase the number of lengths you use.

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