The funny little family

silly little family

My husband and I love movies. Who doesn’t? It’s been a while though since we watched something together. So the other night we snuggled down to watch a movie on Netflix.

Is it just me, or is there not a whole lot to choose from on the Australian Netflix? Gregor does not do drama, so that kind of narrows things. And we are fussy.

We eventually settled on Easy A, which looked pretty fine.

It was. Not a super great movie. But it was easy to watch, and entertaining.

The thing we liked most were Olive’s parents, played by Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci. Her parents laughed and joked with Olive, who was meant to be in her late teens, and their younger adopted son. They joked about their son being adopted. They joked about the sexual persuasion of Olive’s boyfriend.  It’s hard to convey the jokes themselves without sounding inappropriate and unPC. They really weren’t bad though.

The point was, the parents were so light with their kids. They had fun. And more than that. They talked to the kids as equals.

It was an unusual Hollywood nuclear family portrayal. Or maybe I just haven’t watched a lot of movies lately. Maybe this is becoming a normal portrayal. Just a family, having fun.

Afterwards, Gregor and I sung the praises of the film – well, mainly the family. ‘I’m watching this movie again if ever I need inspiration,’ said Greg. It clicked with us.

We have a lot of fun in our sunshine house too. It’s not entirely a co-incidence that my two-year-old has a wicked sense of humour – and has had since she was about six-months. She’ll make a joke, and cackle with laughter.

My older daughter gets pretty subtle humour too. We joke around the breakfast table most mornings and every evening.

One of the main things that attracted me to Gregor when we first met was his wit. When he went on holiday,  he’d send funny little emails that had me in stitches – and not just because of his dodgy English. *soosages*

His humour can be very subtle and hard to pick though. Or maybe I am just gullible.

At some stage, Elka, my oldest, wanted to set up a joke school. She’d be the headmistress, and the purpose of the school would be to teach other people when Daddy was joking or not joking. {Rosie was assigned crèche responsibilities.}

Laughter has gotten us out of many a pickle. Just yesterday, I was a wee bit hung over after my little birthday party at home with a couple of people. It was hard going getting through the afternoon. Especially as tired little Elka was pushing all the limits, and Gregor was at work. But humour saved us. We turned potential snow storms into silly jokes.

Even my arguments with Gregor are quickly diffused by a little light-hearted joke. Thank goodness. I am no good with conflict. Especially long-lasting conflict.

I guess those early *soosage* emails were a sign of good things to come.

Are you are laughey family too? What part does humour play in your life?