Sunshine Sunday ~ First Day of School edition

First Day of School Sunshine Sunday

This was me starting Big School, aged 5. I have a poor memory, so have no specific recollections  from that day that can be distinguished from the general haze of kindergarten…facing the north wall of the classroom with our arms outstretched. “That’s your right hand, and that’s your left.”…Kneeling next to my cross-legged teacher, Mrs Brown, on the floor, combing her long auburn hair while she read us a story…Dressing up as a police man….Reading big books….Waiting for the school bus in a queue on the cement quadrangle….receiving a gold sticker from the Principal, Mrs Duff because I wrote my life story…

All I really remember about my first day was being pleased that I had Lucy, my best friend from preschool. I think I was excited on that first day, and continued to be excited, as I loved school. I loved people (still do) and hated being bored (still do), so it was good for me. When I asked Mum about her memories of my first day, she said she was sad I was going off to school, but knew I would be completely fine.

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This is me six years later, dressed and ready for my first day at boarding school. I look anxious and a bit depressed, but I think on the actual day I was also excited about the unknown. I had been dreaming about leaving my family to live in a English-esque boarding school, have adventures, and make close friends. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm and sense of adventure waned after about two weeks, when I began to crave home and my family more than anything else in the world. That feeling more or less continued until I left school five years later.

My daughter could start school next year – she’ll be old enough. But because she is a January baby, she’ll be one of the younger ones. My heart doesn’t want her to go. I love her being at home. I want to suck up every minute I can with her before she has to spend  her week in a classroom. But she’s so tall, and in many ways she’s mature. Many of her friends are starting school this year, and the majority the year after…so I don’t know. Maybe this time next year I will be preparing her for her first day of school.

Do you remember your first day of school? How did you feel? Are you preparing someone small for their first day this week?

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  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    What a cute pic of you on your first day of school! I can definitely see your girls in you. I can see your dilemma with sunshine girl. I would want to keep her at home too. For me, the decision is out of my hands. Even though my darling towers over her friends and seems to be quite bright, she’s a July baby so won’t start until 2016. It seems ages away. Alot can happen in a year, I guess. I will watch closely to see if you decide to send sunshine girl next year or not. Lovely memories of your first day 🙂

    • Yes, not sure what we’ll do Renee! In some ways I wish the choice was out of my hands so I don’t make the wrong one. But I guess there are pros and cons. xx

  • Kate

    I can’t distinguish between first day and first year events too. Such a big day at the time and, no recollection! I was, and my daughter is too, head and shoulders above the other kids. The only concern I have for my daughter is that she, like I did, doesn’t stand tall. I need to teach her to love her height. Especially as she now looks like she is going into Grade Four not Two!

    • A random man once left a note on my mum’s coffee at the channon markets when I was twelve that read: “Tall girls are beautiful! Stand up tall and be proud.” I never forgot that stranger’s kindness. xx

  • My boarding school years were much the same, sadly, until I became a day girl in 6th form! I also can’t remember my first day at school, except I had an Annie backpack that I LOVED! My daughter starts her second year, which is exciting, I just can’t wait to see who is in her class. Thanks for link up 🙂 xx

    • It’s funny the memories that stand out Em. I hope your daughter enjoys her first week back x

  • I can remember clearly the days before I started school, being so excited for the new adventure. Making my mum tell me every day what we would do at school, and who would be in my class (even though she obviously couldn’t know). I couldn’t believe I would actually get to use coloured pencils, glue and crayons all day.
    My first day of high school was a lot scarier, that was really stepping into the unknown!
    Bella had the same wonder when she started school, and I hope it stays with her all through her school life.
    Thanks for the fabulous prompts Zanni xx

    • I love how you describe that first day for you and your daughter. Thank you so much for being part of this xx

  • Bec | Mumma Tells

    My goodness. I can see so much of you in your beautiful girls!
    I don’t remember my very first day of school at all. I chopped and changed schools a few times as we moved around quite a lot. I think that numbed me of many ‘usual’ emotions (anxiety, nerves, excitement) that go with starting something new. X

    • It must have Bec. Most of my early childhood memories are a bit of a blend. x

  • I am so not ready for my daughter to start school. Mind you she’s only 21 months so I don’t have to worry about it just yet. It seems like such an obvious moment when you’re children begin paving their own way in the world and although you know it’s the natural way of things I bet it’s bittersweet to watch. Like a lot of mama moments I guess.

    • So perfectly said Josie. I think that’s exactly how I feel! x

  • I don’t remember the exact first day of Kindergarten but I do remember bits and pieces from that year.
    I am getting ready this year to send my little lady off to school! Thursday is her first day. It is tearing at my heart Zanni.

    • Oh Sam, my heart goes out to you! I hope you and your girl go okay. I can imagine it’s a huge transition, but be brave. Will be thinking of you! x

      • Thanks Zanni xo

        • Maxabella

          A big day tomorrow, Sam! Be thinking of you. x

  • I don’t really remember my first day of school just vague memories of the classroom, lunch shed, bubblers and losing my blue bird earring. Our youngest had her first day this week. She was so excited on her way to school and then she became a little overwhelmed, but she didn’t cry, she was very brave and had a wonderful day. And although I miss her and the house is quiet, I’m enjoying the time too. We were both ready.

  • It’s a little crazy but I remember my first day of kindergarten really well … right down to what I ate for recess … and yet I have no recollection of my first day of high school. Very, very odd.

  • Lisa

    I remember my first day of primary school, the boy next to me on the bus would not stop crying all day. My boys are off to school this week, I expect a few tears from my middle child.

  • Jane @ Hesitant Housewife

    Do you know, after reading your post, I wracked my brain trying to remember my first day, and I really can’t! I’ve seen the pictures of me standing proudly in front of the school sign, rocking my mullet hair-do (thanks Mum!) but can’t remember a thing! Clearly it was not a particularly exciting day 😉

  • I cant actually remember my first day of school, but I will never forget my children’s first day. You were such a cutie patootie hun… and still are 😉 xx