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It’s funny, but I am not really in the mood to share. That’s not what you were expecting, was it? I think I am just burnt out – doing so many extra projects on top of very intense contracts for work, on top of emotionally exploding children, and not being able to run because of a sore ankle etc etc. I just want to climb into a hovel, and read a book.

So unlike me. This is a very untopical topic, for me at least.

But…I thought I would share a few lovely things. It’s always nice to do that.


A.L. Tait (Allison Tait’s) new children’s book Mapmaker Chronicles, and am drawn into a world of adventure. This is the first long book I have read for a very long time, and the process of sitting down to read more than 24 pages is very very good for the wiring of my brain.

Anything by Oliver Jeffers, but particularly Heart in a Bottle. My daughter the other day asked why the chair was empty, and when I told her it was because the father had died, she asked ‘Why is the heart in the bottle?’ and we had all kinds of interesting kinds of conversations. The kind you should have with kids.

Inspired by…

This lovely family at Dreamboat Studios in NZ. They illustrate, write, design and publish their own books for children, they make music, and live on an island (!)

Also inspired by Sash Milne from Inked in Colour, who has recently done a TEDx talk about her ‘Nothing New’ project. Sash promotes a simpler life in a busy consumer world. I like that.

Looking at…

My friend Janine’s cakes on Instagram, and am salivating. Her business, Love In A Cake, has been busy making brides and grooms happy, and making my Instagram feed more beautiful.

What are you reading/inspired by/looking at at the moment? Anything else you would like to share about sharing? Please, join me for Sunshine Sundays, and have a lovely sunny day while you are at it. Next week’s theme is ‘good’.

Sunshine Sundays

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  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    It sounds like you need a good holiday, Zanni. I hope your little family has a chance to take some time out over xmas. I am feeling burnt out too with work and the kids being extra demanding of late. My xmas leave hasn’t been approved yet, so I’m feeling a little blue not knowing if I’ll be able to take a break at the end of the year. What is inspiring me at the moment is my husband. He built the most gorgeous cable thing off the side of our back deck yesterday to grow star jasmine over. It will look beautiful once the jasmine grows xx

    • A good holiday? What a strange concept 🙂 I hope you find out about your holiday leave soon. How frustrating! You need something to look forward to. Meanwhile, how great is Dave?? I dream about cabling on my front verandah, instead of peeling trellis. Ug-uly. xx

  • LydiaCLee

    It was a much harder topic than initially realised, for me. I pondered for quite some time…take the day off. Something will inspire you. I need to write a story, just a little 100 word one, like I do each month, but I am blank, and have been for days, with is sooooo unlike me. Not entirely sure why…

    • Maybe the atmosphere is sticky Lydia, and creativity is getting blocked up all over the place. 🙂

  • I hope you’re able to slow the pace a little today to get some respite. It is Sunday after all. Read that book for a bit. Cuddle your girls. Fill up the soul.

    I’m a bit muddled myself so I cannot for the life of me think of what I’m into or inspired by…. Think I need some Sunday goodness myself!

    • Hope you got some Sunday goodness too Vicki. I am feeling loved up and refreshed after my Sunday, so definitely a Sunday well spent. x

  • TeganMC

    Climb into that hovel and read…at least for a little while. I think it’s important as a parent and a person, to take time out from the hustle and bustle of the real world and escape into a book or something that you love. It’s important as a parent because it models to our kids that it’s ok to take time out, that being busy isn’t the be all of life.

    I started reading a book last night called’s interesting so far..

    • So true Tegan. I am such a do-er, I find it hard to slow down, and just chill. But sometimes it’s especially important.

  • Please take a bit of a break for you, Zanni. It’s way too way to get burnt out.
    I’m looking forward to reading through Sash’s blog a bit later, it sounds wonderful.
    Hoping you get a slow down soon xx

    • Already feel restored after a lovely weekend with family. Thanks Lisa 😉 I hope you enjoy reading Inked In Colour. It’s very inspiring. x

  • You’ve been doing SO much and SO well, I’m not surprised you are feeling it, Zanni. Take a break and revive, dear heart. x

    • Thank you Bron. The weekend actually did me wonders! Feeling more myself again (and back to that old “doing” thing I seem to be attracted to. 🙂 x

  • Kathy

    Sorry I missed Sunshine Sundays. Sounds like you needed a lazy Sunday big time. I’ll join in for next weekend when everything will be ‘good’!

  • Samantha Turnbull

    Ah, sorry I haven’t been joining in much Zanni – I, too, have been overly busy! But, I’m reading John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars – a not-so-new-but-extremely-popular YA book… I’ve been having some rumblings about delving into writing some YA myself… I’m inspired by slam poets right now – so many wonderful performances in Sydney last weekend… and I’m looking at too many photos of houses on real estate websites with champagne dreams on a beer budget 😉