Raw beauty ~ spending less on beauty products

Spending less on beauty - raw beauty

At 17, I was swiping my face with Clearasil face cleansers, imagining my spotty oily ugliness being wiped away. I would then tone, and my face rung with the current of cleanliness and purification. Once the pores were tight, I would smooth in a moisturiser, bringing back my skin’s softness.

And yet that pimple remained.

I asked a friend one morning what her secret was. Her skin was pimple-free, fresh and peaceful.

“Water,” she said. Just plain old water. Apparently, she’d splash it on in the morning and that was that.

I tried it. The pimple went away.

A week later, still pimple free. Wow. I never looked back.

My beauty routines have only become more sparse as I edge over the cliff of 30. I have two hair cuts a year (and maybe squeeze in a couple of fringe trims so I am not looking through a curtain).

I wax my legs myself using Nads body wax strips. I do this watching the girls in the bath, and it takes me approximately 10 minutes a time. I have also started waxing my arms. After years of waxing, it no longer hurts.

Occasionally I tweeze out those little raggedy hairs that insist on joining my eyebrows.

Each morning, I wash my body (or parts of) with Castile soap, and use a natural deodorant.

In the evening, I splash a bit of water on my face. That’s it.

The longest part of my beauty routine used to be washing my hair every morning. I loved the massage, and the hot water running down my back. But I gave up using shampoo and conditioner last August on a friend’s advice. Told you – just getting more sparse.

Even brushing my long hair takes less time now, as it’s no longer knotty from being washed.

Reading this, you might think I am a bit unpresentable. Scruffy – perhaps a bit smelly. But I beg to differ. My skin glows, as much as skin without foundation can. My legs aren’t perfectly waxed. My eyebrows aren’t perfectly shaped. My hair has a natural-ish, oily sheen. But I am clean, and presentable.

The thing with being 17 and obsessed with skin care products was that I was trying to purge everything about myself. Get me out of me, please, and take that disgusting pimple with you.

In my fourth decade, I am wiser, less pimply and spend way less time, money and energy on beauty. Simple. Raw.

What’s your beauty regime consist of?

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(By the way, this is not a sponsored post – just giving a shout-out to the handful of products I actually use and believe in.)

  • This is all very interesting for me. I have long been interested in putting harmless products on my body and currently use Arborne which is $$ but uses only gentle botanicals and are face friendly. Water makes a bit more sense but!
    Where would I find that deodorant? I have been looking for a natural one that actually works for a bit and this is one I’ve not tried.
    I admire anyone who can get away with minimal and as far as I can see, you’re doing well! xx

  • Yes- I spent my teenage years testing and trailing these ‘wonder cream’ but I now use water and a ph neutral gentle blender and it’s all I need!


  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    Having met you IRL recently I can confirm to the readers you are far from scruffy and smelly lol. I have really dry skin so I love to use my deliciously smelling clarins face cream. I couldn’t live without it I’m sorry. Plus, I have the most dreadful frizzy afro hair in the world so I lather it with anti gravity this that and the other and ghd hair straightening whatyamacallit to make it look half straight. It is tempting to go without these products to see if over time it would settle down, but I’m just not brave enough! 🙂

    • Thanks Renee for testifying that I am neither smelly or scruffy! Also, stick with what works for you. That’s what I reckon x

  • After years of spending far too much on products, these days I swear by Cetaphil – both cleanser and moisture. It’s the biz! x

    • Yes…simple, and works. I think it’s good for eczema too, no? x

  • I am a bit of a beauty junkie myself but I can totally understand the appeal of natural! My skin is very dry and lately I have had breakouts (hormones and breastfeeding). The past fortnight I am in a constant battle! Sadly with eczema too, I have to be fussy as hell with products and natural things oddly sometimes cause flareups. Great post!

    • Ah, eczema. I get that sometimes, and had it very badly when I lived in (dry) Melbourne. I feel for you!

  • Like Jody, I must admit I’m a beauty junkie too. I get drawn in by promises of ‘anti wrinkle’ and ‘firming’ and the good old ‘fight the aging process’. I’m fighting, don’t know if I’m winning though!

    • I understand the temptation…those creams smell so good too! x

  • Bec | Mumma Tells

    I’m a lazy beauty. Water works for me because I usually don’t make time for anything else. I moisturise my terribly dry skin, but do love to have freshly cut hair (although again this happens rarely) and preened eyebrows (currently overgrown!) I’m going to have a look into e deodorant you listed too. I worry about what goes in products that we use so often, so a natural alternative sounds good to me.

  • I’ve actually just changed up my beauty routine. I was sick of buying skin care products only to look at the ingredients to be gobsmacked by the crap in them and so today I went out and bought the most delicious smelling certified organic products from Australian Bush Flower Essences. I think I need to get my hair cut less often instead of every 8 weeks for a trim too.

  • How long did it take your hair to settle after stopping shampoo? I have often thought about doing this but have not yet tried for fear of looking like cousin it. I do love the idea of a simple routine though. I dont have tine or the desire for anything complicated. My daily routine consists of an apricot face and body scrub and some moisturiser on my face. Oh and deodorant… although I should try a natural one. xx

    • Hi Sonia…it took about 6 weeks of greasy mc-greasy, but I just brushed it back, wore hats and swum a lot. It wasn’t so bad. Now it’s more oily than when I used shampoo, but I can wear a long fringe and it doesn’t look too bad. I just wash with hot water every day, and brush. xx