We are children of the sun, sitting in long grass telling stories under apple blossom. The rays soak into our skin, warming us. Filling us. We are children of the Spring, warm and wide awake.


Learning by somersault

My daughter is six-and-a-half. In Australia, she would be enrolled in a school. As it is, we are on the other side of the world, so her learning is a little less structured. She is at a Dutch school a couple of days a week. But here, school for six-year-olds is more play and less […]


At home in Holland

The days are long in northern Europe. It’s already 5pm, when we cycle to Amelisweerd. The littlest, Rosie, rides on a little chair on the back of my bike. The eldest rides her own bike, her dad by her side. We ride 2km or so into the forest. We stop by the old fort. We […]


The lone traveller

As some of you already know, I’m in Bologna travelling ALONE for a few days, for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. It’s been a long time since I travelled alone. I haven’t done much without children and/or husband since having a baby 6 years ago. And that’s how I’ve liked it. I’ve never really been […]


Zin in Ijs {AKA the most beautiful ice-cream cart in the world}

zin in ijs

Technically, it was still winter the day two small children took their child-like vehicles through the forest to find ice-cream. Firstly, you need to understand this. We are in the Netherlands. And if you can imagine, Netherlands in the winter can be a dreary old place. Wet, cold. I personally don’t mind it, as having actual seasons is […]