Creative Spaces

I’m not sure if it was the labour itself, or perhaps the new event of being forced to sit, with little to do for long periods of time, but when I became a mother, I had a new, insatiable creative itch. Stories, ideas, thoughts, concepts, images swam through my mind. I longed to take a net, […]


Bamboo Mother

bamboo mother

You know you are winning as a parent when your three-year-old cries for over an hour each night, and finally falls asleep at 9.30 – 10pm, a perfectly reasonable time for a small child. After books are finished, and lights are out, I am calm. I lie peacefully beside her, remaining quiet in the face […]


Children’s Book Tuesday :: Books to Travel With

Children's Books to Travel With

Here’s a thing. Once upon a time, we lived among a thousand children’s books. There were piles next to the bed, next to the daybed, in the day bed, and bursting from every bookcase and box we could find. There was always a new unread book to pick up, and read for the first time. There […]



compassion swans

This morning I woke up to see the #sendforgivenessviral hash tag going viral in my news feed, following Waleed Aly’s sensible and intelligent plea to circulate forgiveness and kindness, rather than hatred and anger. Waleed Aly is journalist doing his best to inject goodness into the world, rather than fear, and thankfully we have at least […]


Village Life :: Culemborg

It’s Tuesday. My eldest is at school. Rosie, my three-year-old and I potter around the house. Cooking dinner. Washing up. Washing sheets. Well, I do that. She does her own thing. We wander up to the village park in Everdingen. The streets are quiet and safe. Around 11am, I pop Rosie on the back seat […]