Fifteen Great Resources For Aspiring Children’s Authors

great resources for aspiring children's writers

I have dedicated much of the last seven years to my third child, my passion for all things children’s book. It’s a wonderful world out there, should you venture between the pages of a children’s book, or into the warm embrace of the children’s book community. You’d be hard pressed to find a more supportive […]


Travel Bug

The Travel Bug had always dreamed of adventure. But he lived most of his life tucked under a bed in an AirBnB. Until the day a little hand reached under, and extracted him from his safe burrow. Unsure at first, the Travel Bug ventured out. His first taste of fresh air blasted his lungs. But he […]


Sunshine Gypsies :: Istria, Croatia

A little Venetian-style town, on the Mediterranean coast. Friendly locals, who speak three, four, or five languages fluently. Warm sea, perfect for swimming. Bright skies. Deep sunsets. A swarm of sparrows every night, clustering in trees by the sea, not before swarming into the pink sky in formation. A little mountain medieval village, with two […]


Children’s Book Tuesday :: The Wonder Years

It’s 9.30pm. I’m working. Husband is reading. Our youngest is fast asleep. From the next room, come the fast and furious mutters of a child not yet asleep. The intonation rises and falls. There are accents and a range of voices. There is possibly accompanying actions. Soon, the noises will cease. Tomorrow, when I wake […]


Sunshine Gypsies :: A Day in Venice

What to do when you find yourself two hours drive from Venice? It’s half way to your next stop, in Croatia. Do you miss it? You’ll have to train in. Or catch a boat. It might be expensive. It’ll certainly be expensive. Forget it? We haven’t splurged a lot on this trip. But Venice felt necessary. […]