My Little Sunset Post

My Little Sunshine House has been a bit vacant these last few months. I dropped in occasionally earlier in the year, to straighten things out and brush off the cobwebs. People around the world are still visiting, to learn how to knot a DIY macrame, or to read an interview with a children’s author, or something.

But lately, I’ve been spending my time over in the new, slightly more spangly house, which is a place I designed and made all by myself, and I guess more tidily reflects where I am at the moment, in a professional and personal space.

See, for years, I was waking up in the morning with posts for My Little Sunshine House, or one of its predecessors, fully formed. Blog ideas would rattle me for attention throughout the day. There seemed endless material to blog about. Until there wasn’t.

This has been the first year I can call myself a professional children’s author. The majority of my annual income has been derived from children’s book royalties, or related activities, like running workshops, mentoring and school visits. It’s supplemented by writing blog posts for other people, and writing copy for people’s websites.

So it makes sense that my unconscious and conscious mind is not tapping into My Little Sunshine House material. Truth is, 9 out of 10 times, if you were to scan my brain, you would find me obsessively turning over book ideas, or thinking about something story related. It’s a little hazardous at times, and I think other brain faculties are beginning to fail as a result. My memory, for instance, which has always been a bit on the basic side, is pretty decrepit these days. Maybe I should be spending at least 2 out of 10 times doing brain gymnastics, or something useful.

My Little Sunshine House has been a lovely meander for the last seven or so years. I was never one to sit down and strategically jot down a direction. So I never marched straight, but more wandered off the track. Once on a new and exciting path, I jogged it, and took everything in with passion. I am like that. Easily distracted yet passionate about new adventures. So My Little Sunshine House archives are an eclectic bunch of misfits, and you might wonder what some posts have in common, if anything.

Still, this blog has been instrumental for where I am now. It got me writing. It grew me a community. It allowed me to explore so many creative paths and channels, and meet so many other creative and inspiring individuals. It introduced me to a publisher. I am grateful for all of it. I still teach blogging occasionally, and write blogs for other people. And I still blog over at my author site. But the blog posts have more focus. They are for writers, and readers, and publishing news.

When I started blogging, I thought I was doing something original, writing about my experiences as a mum. Turned out, there were millions of others doing the same or similar things. And it was like a warm embrace, tapping into that community.

But now I can’t really write those personal stories in the same way, with the same candour. It doesn’t suit our family any more. I am sharing trade secrets, which aren’t mine to share. I am creating digital content about people, and maybe in ten years, those people will resent me for being an over-sharer. And if I can’t be candid and vulnerable, then what’s the point?

I can print off those beautiful travel photos, and keep them in a book. If I wanted to, I could journal those beautiful experiences. I have exported all the stories from this blog as a text document, which I emailed to myself, and I know there are such valuable moments in there. Re-reading old blog posts draws me back into that moment, which I wouldn’t have remembered on account of failing memory [see above].

Thank you for meandering with me on this journey. And please do come and visit me at my new abode, if you haven’t already. You can sign up for my newsletter for updates.

It’s not a good-bye, kind regards, or sayonara. It’s a sunset post. A sinking of the sun, and like The Little Prince, who gets to enjoy forty-three sunsets a day because his planet is so small, and he likes sunsets, I will keep writing, and we will stay friends regardless of where we find each other.

REVISION: I have just found out, since writing this post, that the reason the post kept disappearing is because my hosting expired! The serendipity. So this post and the rest of the website will probably be around for about a week, until disappearing altogether! I hadn’t intended that. Oh, now I am a bit sad.

  • Aww beautiful post, Zanni. I am sad to see the sun set on my little sunshine house, but am so happy for you also. What a wonderful journey you’ve been on the past seven years. I can’t wait to continue to follow your journey and see what exciting adventures await you xx