In you I trust


A tiny baby melts onto a mother’s chest, its skin like velvet and silk and roses. Its scent is milk. Its eyes are closed and it relies only on the smell of its mother to know where it is in the world. He trusts that she will be there for him, always. He trusts that she find him food, keep him warm and take his pain away.

A baby is born into the world with trust in his heart. He knows only one thing, and that is he can trust this woman who holds him close.

As the days, the months, the years pass, his trust begins to wilt. His little heart is broken by harsh words, harsh hands, loneliness and rejection. But he stills holds onto the flower, now limp. He holds it tight, his little fist clenched. He believes one day it will come back to life.

A baby is born trusting us, and it is our responsibility not to lose its trust.

We didn’t earn our child’s trust, we had it from the very beginning. We just need to keep it alive.

We need to keep it alive by showering it with love, tenderness and sunshine.

Our children trust us. We need to trust them.

We need to give them space to explore and trust that they will not stray too far.

We need to trust that they will learn from us, simply by watching and copying our behaviour.

We need to trust that their intentions are honest and kind and their only motive is to be loved in return.

A trusting relationship is a flourishing garden. From the garden grows love. Seedlings of respect are raised from nourished soil.

We need to tend this garden for our children, so that they at least begin their journey trusting the world. 

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  • This is beautiful Zanni. And so poignant. All relationships are like a garden… they need tender loving care xx

  • That was just beautiful. Truly.

  • Thank you, Zanni! I love that you promote gentle parenting. I try but sometimes fail with that, and I need a reminder of why it is important to the development of my children.

    • Oh Joyce. Intention is everything! It’s not a fail if your intention is loving. Thank you for the support. X

  • Beautiful. So true. There is nothing more precious than that trust.

  • “We didn’t earn our child’s trust, we had it from the very beginning. We just need to keep it alive.” – Very poignant words.
    Thank you for reminding us how fragile trust is.

    • Thank you Grace for your acknowledgement. Xx

  • So beautiful. I had never had any real experience with babies until I had my own. I was so worried that I wouldn’t feel motherly or feel that ‘instinct’ but as soon as I held him in my arms I just knew. All of the above just came rushing into my heart. Your post brought tears to my eyes x

    • Thank you Angela. It’s so beautiful to hear about your experience of becoming a mother and how you found your instinct. You’re words mean so much. Xx

  • This is SO beautiful Zanni! SO beautiful!

  • I agree with Catherine, this is truly beautiful x

  • What a beautiful post. I completely agree with you.

  • Thank you for this beautiful post. Oh you have captured so eloquently the importance of this parent/child bond. It was so difficult to work with children who were deprived on this bond. I realized how much that bond matters … how critical it is to their well-being. And when I could form trust with one of those lost souls, it was truly a God-given miracle. I can remember children asking if I would be their mother instead. Oh, it still brings tears to my eyes even today. I still worry about them. Did they turn out alright? Did they find healing? I am so grateful to you for spreading this critical message of unconditional love and guidance, of warmth and security. You are making such an impact on real lives, on real parents and children. Truly a gift. THANK YOU


    • Thank you Rachel for your comments and for sharing your valuable experience. How sad for those precious souls who searched desperately for a mother – someone they could trust and depend on. I hope too that they found that trust and nourishment somewhere in their lives.

  • That’s one of the most touching posts I’ve read all week! I’m glad I haven’t published my Sunday link-up yet, I am going to include this.

    • Wow, Tat. Thank you! I will pop over and have a look. Xx

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  • This is lovely Zanni and particularly poignent given it was just Child Protection Week. We start out with such potential and with the wrong words and actions it can be so easily destroyed. Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday.

  • Precisely why you should never ever break his trust by cutting him! Be wise; don’t circumcise!

  • lana

    This just makes me want to pick up my sleeping babies and hold them close forever. I ache for the times I have been too harsh to my older boy. I hope u can keep his trust alive.

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  • I think that’s the most beautiful thing i have ever read,
    my heart broke reading the third paragraph, bringing surging emotions about how people mistreat children, when ever i see their poor battered faces i sneak into my daughters room and hug her, hug her as tight as i can without breaking her and shed tears for all those children who only want cuddles and love buckets full of love.
    and every day i shower her in love and respect and cuddles and tickles just to hear her angelic laughter fill my house and my heart.

    your words are magical and oh so true
    so much wisdom in this post
    Thank you

    • Thank you Jade for your beautiful comment. My heart breaks too when i hear about or witness children suffer. X