How to make a tiny book

How to make a little book

I discovered this great thing recently – I can make a book out of a single piece of paper, with nothing but a pair of scissors. Actually, you don’t even need the scissors, if you are a really neat tearer.

It’s really really easy, and you can make books for all sorts of things. My imagination school kids have made them for presents, Dr Seuss-like tongue twisters, drawings, mini graphic novels and even an autograph book. Elfie and I were inspired to make a haiku one, after reading a Japanese picture book.

It’s technically called the French Fold, but I call it a tiny book.

1. Take a plain piece of paper.

how to make a little book 2. Fold long ways.

how to make a little book 3. Fold end to end.

how to make a little book 4. Fold again in the same direction.

how to make a little book 5. Unfold.

how to make a little book 6. Fold again, but this time, fold ends together.

how to make a little book 7. Now cut (or tear) along the middle, from the fold down to the centre. Only cut to the centre!

how to make a little book 8. Open again. You should have a slice down the middle.

how to make a little book 9. Refold, this time long ways again. Push the short ends together, and it should make a concertina.

how to make a little book 10. When you push ends together, you should see your eight-page book!

how to make a little book Hope you enjoy this cute little project. Once children learn the fold themselves, they can make a book from any old scrap of paper, for any purpose.

Let me know how you go and feel free to share your projects on my Facebook page. x

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how to make a little book from  single piece of paper

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  • So simple and so great for the kidlets! Thanks for such a clear tutorial x

  • LydiaCLee

    How cute!

  • So clever, Zanni – my daughter is always writing little stories – she will love this. xx

    • Yay! A budding author. Hope she enjoys it. xx

  • My miss 6 will love this!

  • Very clever and my daughter is always stapling paper together to make books, this is a way better idea! Lovely to see you at PB xx

    • You too Em! Always good to see your warm, smiling face! x

  • This is great Zanni! I’ll make sure I show Bella, she’s an avid book maker x

    • Hope she enjoys it! Also, did you hear Sunshine Sundays are starting back? This week’s theme is Father. I have loved your contributions in the past 🙂 x

      • I heard, and have the next 4 weeks in my draft folder! I need to get back into a blogging routine and Sunshine Sundays is my starting point x

        • Oh that is so cool. Yay! Well, see you there.

  • You always have such great ideas Zanni! I’m going to try this one out too when Hayley’s older.

    • Thanks Toni! You’ll have to make a catalogue of all the things you are going to do with her 🙂

  • The Plumbette

    This is so good for little minds that want to illustrate a story page by page! I’m loving these activities Zanni. keep them coming. X

    • Thanks Bec! And so lovely to meet you on the weekend. You are so warm and lovely xx

  • So cute! Will deffo try this with my big girl. Ps was so nice meeting you the other night!!!!

    • You too! Was really fun. Hope you enjoyed the event x

  • Very sweet. Will give this a go with the boys soon. They are always making books, but it usually involves an inordinate amount of staples.

  • Danielle Netherclift

    Gorgeous! I love your blog,with water colours made from flowers, and tiny books. Plus, I always think of Alstoneville when I read it. I used to live in East Ballina, and go to uni in Lismore,so we would pass through there each day,mand back again. Such a lovely part of the world.
    Dani @ Sand Has No Home x

    • It is a lovely part of the world Danielle. What did you do at SCU? I was there for a while doing a grad dip in psychology.

      • Danielle Netherclift

        I was studying literature,way back in the mid 1990’s. I lived there for 3 years.

  • TeganMC

    What a cute idea for craft! I loved making books when I was little.

  • oh that’s cute, my son is really into creating at the moment and would love this

  • Hugzilla

    This is so cool, I’m going to do this with my four year old! #Team IBOT

  • I am hopeless at this sort of thing, though I do remember being shown how to make a little book like this at a workshop on “Artists Books” that I went to a year or so ago.

    By the way, it was great to meet you at Problogger! xxx

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    Very cute. We will definitely have to try this. I can see a father’s day book on the cards x

  • This is so cool and I already know it’s going to come in so handy!

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    That’s a neat little trick. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  • That is just too cute!

  • That is so nifty!