Here we stand, my love and I

I fell in love many times before I turned 22. So many times, it hurt. Falling in love was lying awake, stung by love’s sting. It was heart in stomach despair. It was walking around in a constant fog of another person.

Then I met someone I didn’t need to fall in love with. We just loved each other. After a few days of being together, he sat beside me, meditating. When he opened his eyes, he said ‘I love you.’ I loved him too. It was so simple. So painless.

Was all that other pre-22 love real? Was that love? Or just blind infatuation? It hurt like love ought to. But the other kind of love – the love which requires no falling because it’s is more a gentle glide from friendship – is so much… easier.

Here we are, my love and I, standing on Boulder’s Beach. We stand, hand in hand, on Valentine’s Day 2015.

150214 ZANNI_GREG (9)

150214 ZANNI_GREG (47)

150214 ZANNI_GREG (51)

150214 ZANNI_GREG (32)

I support you to be the person you grow to be, was our only actual spoken commitment in our wedding vows. I think we’ve done well with that.

Today is our ninth wedding anniversary. It makes me feel old. But it also makes me feel good. At some point in my life, I never imagined myself capable of a long-term relationship – but here we still are.

Actually, I think I love this guy more than ever, specially now, living in his home town, listening to the music he made as a teenage punk, being surrounded by his beautiful family. Capable, loving person that he is.

We did good. We are doing good.

150214 ZANNI_GREG (36)

Thank you to lovely  Sarah from Bye Bye Blackbird for your photography and for making me feel less regretful about not having great wedding photos taken. For a while, I considered getting remarried {to the same guy} just so I could get better photos! Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about that now. These will do nicely.