Children’s books we love :: 2015

I was going to write a blog post about my favourite children’s books for the year {Christmas present recommendations!}, and then I thought I might do a little video to save time. Then dear little Elka, my five-year-old, thought she might do a little video about her favourite books for the year. And her video is much better than mine. So here it is. Our favourite books from the year. {Not all were published this year, but these were the books we particularly loved reading.}

If you would like to purchase books for Christmas, support your local book stores! Or if buying online, I think you can still order through The Kids’ Bookshop or The Little Bookroom to arrive before Christmas.

  • Ness

    That’s so cute! She looks like you Zanni! x

    • Yes, I guess she does 🙂 More and more like me. x