Children’s Book Tuesdays

children's book Tuesdays

This week, England left the EU. Last week, they announced that the Guardian Children’s Books would no longer run. What is the world coming to? Sad face.

I often come across blog posts and social media posts about children’s books, and thought I’d start a little monthly link up here – first Tuesday of every month Children’s Book Tuesdays. A celebration for all that is glorious in the world of children’s books!

If you have a post about children’s books you are reading, or children’s books you are writing, or maybe about how a children’s book inspires you, come and link it here. {Link will open 6.30am EST.} If you aren’t a blogger, you might like to tag on social media: #ChildrensBookTuesday

We’ll miss the Guardian Children’s Books, as it was so good. But maybe we can use this little space to nurture our passion for children’s books?

Look forward to seeing you next week!

Zanni xx


  • Sounds like a great idea, Zanni. I look forward to it x

  • Oh by the way, also visiting via #teamIBOT

  • Oh yes! That’s a lovely idea. I sometimes do book posts so I will be sure to join in – probably next month xx

  • I love this idea, I don’t often review or write about children’s books – but that doesn’t mean we are not reading them. We are heads down in the BFG at the moment – the boys love it and I’m remembering why I loved it so much too xx

  • Oh I will be in this. Just have to organise myself. I have some beautiful books to review. What a lovely idea.

  • Sara Khamkoed

    Great timing! I was planning on starting a children’s book review at the beginning of each month, starting in July. 🙂

  • What a great idea. I am re-reading some of Enid Blyton’s classics with my 11yr old daughters because they are so perfect and timeless and I am pretty certain exactly why I was disappointed when I didn’t go to boarding school lol. xoox

  • Such a fabulous idea Zanni! I look forward to joining and reading some great posts x

  • Sounds great, I look forward to linking up

  • Great idea Zanni. 🙂