Children’s books we love :: 2015

I was going to write a blog post about my favourite children’s books for the year {Christmas present recommendations!}, and then I thought I might do a little video to save time. Then dear little Elka, my five-year-old, thought she might do a little video about her favourite books for the year. And her video is much better than mine. So here it is. Our favourite books from the year. {Not all were published this year, but these were the books we particularly loved reading.}

If you would like to purchase books for Christmas, support your local book stores! Or if buying online, I think you can still order through The Kids’ Bookshop or The Little Bookroom to arrive before Christmas.

Children’s Books We Love :: August


I suddenly realised something… ziiip! It’s the end of August! Time for a children’s book wrap-up.

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lola's toybox

Lola’s Toybox by Danny Parker

I was excited to hear Danny talk about his new series for early readers. My daughter loves the magical worlds of Enid Blyton, and it sounded like these new books could be the contemporary answer to Enid Blyton. They are utterly adorable, and so well written. We read these aloud, and both my girls, 5 and 2, followed along with interest. My oldest has wanted to re-read them all several times. And my youngest loves poring over the images.

Lola is a sweet little girl, maybe about seven? who discovers that her toy chest has magic abilities and can transport her to the toy kingdom, where her toys live when she’s not playing with them. Danny weaves a world of delight and magic. Perfect for early readers, or pre-readers like my girls.

hush little possum

Hush Little Possum: An Australian Lullaby by P. Crumble and Wendy Binks

I wouldn’t usually include these Australian takes on old-fashioned nursery rhymes, but this book has us captivated, and has been a big part of our little sunshine house this month. When I first read it, I was warmed by the loving mother who jumps from shed to tree to cliff to save her baby from the rain. Go, Mumma, go. We played the CD of Deborah Mailman singing the song in the car. My youngest was hooked. I have to read her the book every night, and as she falls asleep, I need to sing her the song. God forbid I get a single word wrong! Either my two-year-old or my five-year-old pounce on me if I do. They know it inside out.

my dad is a giraffe

My Dad is a Giraffe by Stephen Michael King

This is probably my favourite ‘dad’ book, perfect for Father’s Day. The little boy sees his dad as a giraffe; fast, but happy to slow down, gentle, fun, protective and proud. King’s beautiful illustrations take us into an imaginary world and back out again. I think my own dad, and my girls’ dad are also giraffes, given they are six foot plus in height. But I think all kids will relate to this gorgeous story.

the crocodolly martin mckenna

The Crocodolly by Martin McKenna

This is a fun and wacky story of a girl called Adelaide who bakes a cake, and when cracking eggs, discovers a crocodile! Adelaide decides to keep the crocodile, but disguising a crocodile isn’t easy.

That’s all from me this month.

What children’s books did you know and love this month?