Sunshine dancers






Here I am again. On the computer.

I love my work, and am lucky I get to work from home. I sit in my little office, while the world happens around me. I work hard, and fast, and am rewarded by a sense of achievement.

For me, it’s the perfect balance between motherhood and productivity. But…

The computer can be draining. It sucks my energy. Describing it to friends the other night over vino and wood-fired pizza – it bleeds my maternal energy. After a day tap-tapping and staring at a bright screen, I feel all brittle, like driftwood. I miss my sap.

Gregor worked most of the weekend, and as much as we like having him around, I have to confess I was liking the time I had to dwell with my girls and get re-sapped.

We lay on the grass in the late afternoon sun, while the sun did great things with the sprinkler.

Elfie and I sewed together.

We chatted. Made up stories. Did some cooking.

The next morning, we pottered some more. Danced. Ate together.

I liked the simplicity of our days, and the feeling of soaking it all up. It didn’t take much to feel all motherly, and earthy, loved-up and connected.

Do you know what I mean? Do you get this too?

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