Hi, I’m Zanni, and this is my little sunshine house.

Photo courtesy of Amber Melody

Photo courtesy of Amber Melody

A few of years ago, on my birthday, my husband Gregor and I woke on a mattress on the floor next to our then two-year-old daughter.

“There are teddies in our little sunshine house, and the sun flies through the air,” said my daughter in her typically whimsical, dreamy way.

Although she was off in fairyland, she was completely right {except about the flying teddies}. Our home is a little sunshine house, filled with love, light and joy.

Since then, we have had another sunshine girl, who brings even more brightness  to our lives. I haven’t always been the happiest person, but in our humble home, in the company of bright things, I feel deep contentment.

In our little sunshine house, I write children’s books. My first book Too Busy Sleeping will be released September 2015 by Little Hare, an imprint of Hardie Egmont Grant. My stories are inspired by life with two children. I carry a notebook wherever I go, and try and capture the feelings, thoughts and imaginings as they float by. Sometimes, a little bubble of an idea turns into a whole world.

Eleanor, from Too Busy Sleeping, illustrated by Anna Pignataro

This is Eleanor, from Too Busy Sleeping, illustrated by Anna Pignataro. I love her.

In our little sunshine house, my husband and I collaborate too. He’s a musician, and has spent the last few years creating children’s songs. I’ve been illustrating the songs, creating stories to go with them activities for kids and…an animation {yes, that’s correct, I don’t sleep}. Last November, we launched our collaborative project ~ The Quincys. Pop by for a visit to hear our children’s music!

The Quincys

I also run blogging courses at Byron Community College and speak publicly about engaging imagination. My most recent adventure is helping a group of homeschoolers unlock their imaginations by running tailored workshops with them.

We live on the north coast of NSW. We take ourselves off to the lake, the coast or a local craft market every opportunity we get. I don’t deny, it’s about as good as it gets.

I look forward to getting to know you more. Drop in, have a cuppa, and leave a comment  – introduce yourself {that would be lovely!} If you would like updates about the release of my first children’s book, or just enjoy a bit of sunshine in your inbox now and then, please sign up for the monthly newsletter.

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