When storytelling becomes lying, or maybe doesn’t


  Yesterday, my five year old told me about her day at preschool. 'We found a cat,' she said. 'It had a name tag on its collar, which said "Please look after this cat. Its parents have died."' 'That's sad,' I said. 'It's okay, Mum. We will look after it. It's a big white fluffy … [continue]

The Gruffalo, a street performer and a new creative focus


I recently saw a post from Mel at Two Little Humans And Me on Facebook: “Comment and share to win two tickets to meet Julia Donaldson”. I don’t often enter competitions, but this I did. We read the Gruffalo when Elka was one, and have been buying and reading Julia Donaldson books at a frightening rate ever since. […]


Princess problem

my little princess

Something very strange happened this week. I bought a princess. Not only that – I bought: 1 Disney princess magazine from Coles 1 Frozen activity book from the bookshop And spent Saturday afternoon watching Cinderella on the computer with my girls. ‘Why are you suddenly so into princesses?’ asked my five-year-old. ‘Um…’ I thought. ‘It’s not […]


Talk & Tea with Raewyn Caisley {giveaway}

Hello From Nowhere

Hello From Nowhere dropped into my letter box for review a couple of weeks ago. This is the story of Eve, who lives in an isolated rural area of Australia. Eve desperately wants to nan to visit her, and share her love of the outback. The author, Raewyn Caisley, shares some background about this book, and […]


One day in Sydney

yellow dress

Hey, I just got home from Sydney. It was funny. When I was young, trips to Sydney were such a big ordeal. A week’s visit, at the least, and six-months of organisation. Today, though, I ate breakfast at home, caught a lift with my friend and neighbour, Christie to the airport, flew to Sydney, did […]