Children’s books we love :: July

children's books we love july

The months are speedy, aren't they? As usual, we read lots of lovely new children's books, I would love to share with you. Click on the image to purchase the book.   The Cleo Stories: The Necklace + The Present by Libby Gleeson + Freya Blackwood My daughters are 2.5 and 5.5, and … [continue]

Momo + Art Magic :: Remnant, Lismore Regional Art Gallery

Hiromi Tango Momo

Several months ago, I took the girls along to an art briefing with local {Japanese} artist Hiromi Tango for her art exhibition, Art Magic :: Remnant held at the Lismore Regional Art Gallery in September. Art Magic is a community, collective exhibition designed by Hiromi Tango. Hiromi {who goes by the name of Momo for this […]


The memory makers + the memory takers

memory makers and memory takers

Hanging out with one of my best friends in the whole entire world last weekend made me realise something. I have a terrible memory. My friend recalls details about my past I have no recollection of. She remembers the details of my 20th birthday – who stayed where and what we did. My memory of the day […]


Dyeing silk with eucalyptus

dyeing silk with eucalyptus

I love the eucalyptus-dyed silk. I have been seeing it around the local markets for a year or so. I have bought garments for Christmas presents for oversees relatives. Recently, my friend Nell turned up at the farmer’s market wearing a silk dress that had been imprinted with eucalyptus. We all asked her how she had done it. Quite simple, […]


The funny little family

silly little family

My husband and I love movies. Who doesn’t? It’s been a while though since we watched something together. So the other night we snuggled down to watch a movie on Netflix. Is it just me, or is there not a whole lot to choose from on the Australian Netflix? Gregor does not do drama, so that kind of narrows […]