The gift of the blog

rocks balance

There was an uproar - an outcry - when Mia Freedman stated that we've seen the "twilight year of mummy blogs, mummy blogs are almost over."  According to Freedman, personal blogs in general are on their way out. People {bloggers} don't believe her. Mrs Woog sums up the cry nicely. As far as most … [continue]

C is for Community

C is for community

C is for Cautious. The storm was brewing. The clouds were all shades of green and grey. ‘The bureau of meteorology says you shouldn’t go out. Wild winds, hail. You can’t go to choir,’ says my husband. I am disappointed. I love choir. I love singing. Also, I’ve been pent up all day, slouched over […]


Children’s Books We Love :: October


On the last day of October, we did something I’ve never done before – trick or treat! It was actually really fun dressing up with the kids, and roaming the child-friendly suburbs in the late afternoon. There was a sense of nervous anticipation, knocking on strangers’ doors. I half expected to have our heads bitten […]


Home is where the magic is


  We looked at a property the other day. It was steep, looking over an escarpment into the Richmond Valley. It was beautiful. My daughters ate from mulberry trees. There were mature orange trees and other fruits. There were two building entitlements, and lots of other scope for the property. The building land was surrounded […]


Creative busy parents

creative busy parents

Hello. How’s your week been? I’ve been a little hamster on a race wheel since getting back from our tour. Run, hamster, run! Most days, I’ve written 6,000 + words for work. One day, I handed my work in at 5pm then made Tinkerbell costumers and a cake for my daughter’s happy cakey day. I made […]