Children’s Book Tuesdays

children's book Tuesdays

This week, England left the EU. Last week, they announced that the Guardian Children's Books would no longer run. What is the world coming to? Sad face. I often come across blog posts and social media posts about children's books, and thought I'd start a little monthly link up here - first … [continue]

Here’s what I know…


Here’s what I know… I hadn’t lain next to my six-year-old for a long time, because this is the year she became a Big Girl, and learnt to take herself to bed. Beside me, she whispers stories to herself. Urgent. Animated. Dialogue rapid and varied, as she swings between characters. Her narrator voice, too, is strong. ‘Go to […]


The land of the free


Technically, I am from the land of the young and free. And yes, I am rejoicing. But in these last few months in The Netherlands, I have felt more freedom than I ever felt in Australia. Perhaps it is the fact that I haven’t gotten around to connecting my phone, so unless I have access […]


Our favourite place

our favourite placeIMG_3582

At our favourite place, weeds grow tall and proud. At our favourite place, the ducks swim through green fields of duck weed. At our favourite place, deer appear, then disappear into the forest. At our favourite place, we balance on the bent tree, which makes a bridge over the water. At our favourite place, we crunch through […]




  We are children of the sun, sitting in long grass telling stories under apple blossom. The rays soak into our skin, warming us. Filling us. We are children of the Spring, warm and wide awake.