The tale of two bunnies

the tale of two bunnies

This is a tale sad and true. It's a tale of love, loss and abandon. This is the tale of two bunnies. The first, you met on Facebook and Instagram when I posted a picture of 'Floppy' - the less than perfect bunny 'made with love' one Good Friday afternoon. 'I am so happy my Mum can sew,' … [continue]

My wayward past

Zanni's wayward past

My dad went to gaol in 1979. He was a doctor in Saudi Arabia at the time. One night, he threw a party, and two young people died. It’s a pretty epic tale. If you were alive back then, and old enough to watch the news, you might remember it. Dad’s version of the tale […]


Sunny mornings and an afternoon glow


The sun bathed these little bunnies as they hopped around the garden, searching for eggs. Elfie graciously gave every second egg to her keen sidekick. They proceeded to destroy themselves on chocolate. Family came over. We ate good food and drank champagne in the garden among teapots of flowers. As the sun hung low and […]


Sunshine Sunday ~ Friendship (+4 kid’s books)

friendship kids books

I reckon I am a friend-seeker. A friend-hoarder. A friend-needer. It’s in my wiring, and it’s been pretty much the most distinguishing and consistent part of my personality. My first best friend in the whole entire world was Lucy. We were preschool and kindy buddies. Lucy moved away when we were six, and I have […]




I told your words are my Panadol. Actually, they are so much more than that. After writing my post about disappointment on Sunday, your words came flooding in. Wow. Just wow. Thank you a million times over. Thank you for sharing your own experiences, and thank you for validating me, and reminding me why I […]