Little houses


In the last month, we have gone from our own little sunshine house, to living in a multi-room, multi-level house with eight other adults, to staying in a ten bedroom farmhouse, to staying in a tiny little cottage in the hills, that could fit into the farmhouse's kitchen. Here, the children trot down … [continue]

Tiny traveller

tiny traveller

She won’t go to bed without a bear suit, and a blanket tucked securely over her legs. If you skip the book before bed, she cries. If she isn’t not lying on her lacy pillow case, she also cries. My little creature of habit and security. My husband likes travelling. I like travelling. My eldest […]


January days


Time is going so fast, don’t you think? The last week literally disappeared. The month has gushed away. I don’t think it’s just I am getting older – though, there is that. And it’s not that I am any busier than usual. I am not! I think it’s that I spent half of January asleep. […]


Winter school days


This morning, we got up in the dark, and scraped ice off the car to take my daughter to school. As we drove, the sky broke into whispers of colour. The colour intensified as the mist cleared. Snow caked the pathway to school, and the fields surrounding the school village. The canals had iced over. We […]


Extracts {Netherlands}


Close encounters with white tigers at the Amersfoort zoo. A night out in Utrecht with my lovely husband, Gregor on our anniversary. Forest walks. Morning light. Rain. So, so much rain. But occasional buds of colour. Koffie! So, so much koffie.  Occasional sunny moments. And so many churches. More forest walks. And gaiety. My sister-in-law Sascha’s […]