On the road :: Part II


We didn't leave Sydney until after 3pm. Hitting the road mid afternoon with kids? Not sure if that was the best idea. The plan was to make it to Newcastle before dark. But with kids... you know, pee stops, and petrol stops, and food stops... A two-hour drive becomes well over three. At least the … [continue]

Children’s books we love :: September

childrensbookswe love

Ah September. One of the slightly more crazy months of my life. Can’t believe you are over! One of the best things about Le Grand Tour De Book was hanging out in good bookshops and libraries all month. I may have *ahem* accumulated more books than what I started with! Here’s our luscious pick of […]


On the road :: Part I


Here we go. This ol’ familiar road. Driving 1000ish km – Alstonville to Sydney. I’ve done it loads as a kid. The sweeping sugar cane fields. The wide rivers. The nostalgic country town pitstops. Something about this Australian landscape sucks me back to thoughts and imaginings of my childhood – gazing out the car window – […]


My Melbourne


When I first moved to Melbourne in 2002, I had never been there before. We drove down Sydney Rd with my cases packed. It was all so foreign and interesting. I was twenty, and hoping to live an adventurous life, and it seemed like Melbourne was a good place to move. I quickly made friends through uni, […]


Happy Birthday to you, Too Busy Sleeping

Zanni and Anna Pignataro

My face was a-flush. Surrounded by some of my oldest friends, and some of my newest. Surrounded by friends I have a strong connection with, but met for only the first time today. Children on my lap. Lovely Anna Pignataro by my side. All in a beautiful black-walled bookshop in North Carlton. Today, we sung […]