Creative People ~ Samantha Turnbull {Anti-Princess Mama}

Samantha Turnbull Author Anti-Princess Club

A few years ago, at an exercise class, I met a lady called Samantha Turnbull who had just scored a contract to write four children's books with Allen & Unwin. It was a dream come true, she told me. I started following Samantha on Facebook, and caught up with her a few times in person. It's … [continue]

Things I wish they’d told me


I was chatting to a friend over tea recently. Our first babies are now five, and six, respectively. As we talked, we realised there are some things about motherhood that no-one tells you when you are a glowing, watermelon-shaped goddess. But maybe they should. Maybe, if we knew some of the things we know now, things […]




I joined a community choir recently. Tonight was my first performance with the choir. Our voices filled a small country hall. The conductor danced and jumped around. It was a beautiful thing to be part of one voice. My daughter said she heard a soft little voice coming from under the black bun in the back […]


Could children’s books help counter the narcissism epidemic?

children's books narcissism epidemic

The other day, on a run, I listened to two podcasts. The first was an interview with three British Children’s Laureates about the importance of reading aloud to children from an early age. Reading aloud, they said, is essential to language and vocabulary development. The second podcast was about the narcissism epidemic. Recent studies have […]


Creative People ~ Graeme Base

The Last King of Angkor Wat Graeme Base

One of my clearest memories from early primary years was laying on my tummy on a friend’s carpet poring through Graeme Base’s The Eleventh Hour. I can still picture exactly where the animals and clues were hidden. Twenty something years later I am still finding hidden animals and clues as I look over my daughter’s shoulder. My […]