Summer + my first book + finding time to be creative

Eleanor, from Too Busy Sleeping, illustrated by Anna Pignataro

Ah summer. You warm, languid beast. Are you really nearly over? We've spent the last few weeks literally baking in sunshine, and basking in good family time. Our family has been out from California, and it's been so good hanging out with them. Days have slipped by, while children play easily … [continue]

Paper Planes {giveaway}

Paper Planes book

It’s about a million degrees here. I feel like Australia is just burning up right now. Well, I am at least. Our one ceiling fan provides little relief. On my sister-in-law’s suggestion, we went to the movies yesterday. I was so excited I literally ran there with a five-year-old on my back. The extreme sweat […]


Finding peace and joy in 2015

finding peace and joy 2015

I was more wound up than I thought I was. Lying beside the lake yesterday, reading my book while my little one slept beside me, my breath came from deep within. It’s been a long time since I breathed that deeply. I hadn’t realised. My year of work began around November 2013, and didn’t stop until just […]


New song from The Quincys: All The Babies In The World

All The Babies In The World

Hi! Happy New Year’s Eve! Hope you have something fun planned, but maybe you are a parent like me, and fun is equal to curling up on the couch with a glass of vino. So I told you the other day about our video shoot for the next Quincy release: All The Babies In The […]


Lemons, Christmas, rabbits etc.


A month or so ago, we had a sudden influx of lemons. They kept turning up, all sour and bitter and the like. There were flu lemons, family drama lemons, inexplicable crying child lemons, hormonal lemons, stress lemons and general feelings of overwhelm lemons. We didn’t really know what to do with them all. I squeezed a […]