The little sunshine team + launches + things


The little sunshine house was a-buzz with activity yesterday, as we prepared for a little north coast Too Busy Sleeping party in Bangalow. I made cupcakes. The girls helped, but soon lost interest and drifted off into their own games. The little one cut up yellow thread to make 'soup' and the … [continue]

Golden moment {Too Busy Sleeping giveaway!}

too busy sleeping giveaway

This moment. Now, nearly three years old. But I will never forget it. This precious, golden moment when two sisters met for the first time. From this single moment, a forever relationship began. Two sisters begin here. This golden moment was at the back of my mind when I wrote Too Busy Sleeping.  I feel like […]


Make a book Monday :: Simple felt book

make a felt book

I made a simple felt book for a little friend recently. She’s only two, so it’s easy for her to move pieces around in imaginary play. A good book for toddlers and preschoolers ~ maybe one to keep in the handbag or nappy bag? You need: Three A4 pieces of light coloured felt {preferably wool, though I could […]


Reading aloud to kids


Tonight, my youngest was out like a light, so I had a rare hour to spend with my five-year-old. We spent it well, snuggled together on the couch reading a ‘long book’. We chose Clementine Rose by Jacqueline Harvey. My daughter discovered her at the Byron Bay Writers Festival, and I think it’s safe to say […]


Little feet + big feet


We’ve been busy. So busy. Laundry has been piling up through the week. Thank GOODNESS for mum and her folding expertise, otherwise it would have buried us by now. Busy working. Busy with life. Preschool. Lunches. Then work increased. Then I went mental contacting bookshops and other places and people in the lead up to […]