Children’s Book Tuesday :: The Wonder Years


It's 9.30pm. I'm working. Husband is reading. Our youngest is fast asleep. From the next room, come the fast and furious mutters of a child not yet asleep. The intonation rises and falls. There are accents and a range of voices. There is possibly accompanying actions. Soon, the noises will … [continue]

Sunshine Gypsies :: A Day in Venice


What to do when you find yourself two hours drive from Venice? It’s half way to your next stop, in Croatia. Do you miss it? You’ll have to train in. Or catch a boat. It might be expensive. It’ll certainly be expensive. Forget it? We haven’t splurged a lot on this trip. But Venice felt necessary. […]


Sunshine Gypsies :: Lake Iseo, Italy


It turns out, September is the perfect time to travel in Italy. The crowds have dwindled, and it’s still warm and delicious. Ten days ago, we left our beloved Granny Annie in Semriach, and headed south to Italy. We spent a night in Udine, then dropped by Verona on our way to Lake Iseo. Verona was […]


Sunshine Gypsies :: Wolfgangsee


I love the idea of camping. But until this week, had only ever camped two or three nights with my little sunshine family. Here, though, beside the Wolfgangsee in Austria, we set up our fancy glamping tent under an apple tree for ten whole magical days… From under the shade of the apple tree, we’d […]


Children Book Tuesday :: Writing by heart


As some of you know, I have spent much of the last week sitting beside a lake, writing. Words flow in a steady stream. I pause for a moment to look up at the magical horizon, then back at my computer, lost in the story as it unfolds. This is what I imagined it would be like to […]