Beginnings {Sunshine Sundays}


Hi. It's Sunday again. The week seems to fly, doesn't it? Does yours? It's definitely been spring here this week. The beginning of warm days. Almost beachy weather. You can play in the garden without a jumper. Actually, we even weeded the forgotten veggie gardens {inspired by the Living … [continue]

Living Earth Festival, Mullumbimby

Living Earth Festival Mullumbimby

I think I had the most special-est Sunday ever last weekend, hanging out at the Mullumbimby Community Gardens for the Living Earth Festival. We went to see my brother on a float in the parade (which we missed), and ended up lost in the beautiful community gardens, surrounded by goodness. We ate great food. Listened to music. Danced. The […]


Book giving

book giving

Wrapping a little present for a close friend the other day, I learned an important lesson from my four-year-old. “I want to wrap something for your friend too!” she cries. “Me too!” says the littler one, always wanting to get involved in the activity. My four-year-old starts scouring the house for the perfect present for my friend. […]


Great Fathers {Sunshine Sundays}

The happiest people I know are the most generous

Good morning. It’s Father’s Day in Australia. If you need to whizz to the shops and buy roses for your special father, then do it NOW before they are up. You may even have time to make a coffee for him, before he’s out of bed… I think I will do the coffee thing for […]


Thursday Talk With An Author & Illustrator: Jonathan Bentley

Jonathan Bentley and Jenny Hughes A House of Her Own

Jonathan Bentley has illustrated many books. We have his own book Little Big at home. It’s very cute. My girls love it.  Jonathan has illustrated a new book A House of Her Own for Jenny Hughes (Little Hare), which comes out this month. I am excited to chat to Jonathan about what inspires him, and how he works. Hi Jonathan. […]