It’s ok to go there: Reading difficult stories to children

Hasel and Rose Caroline Magerl

On Friday, a plane is shot down over the Ukraine and hundreds of people die. It is beyond tragic. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, I play imaginary games with my girls, singing songs, reading and pretending to be Goldilocks. We are oblivious to the tragedy. We are oblivious to most … [continue]

Intimacy and blogging

blogging and intimacy

Blogging and social media has surely changed so much of how we relate to one another. Here we are, cup of tea in reach, reading the intimate details of each other’s lives. Some write about weaning their children, others about school drop offs, some write about struggles with mental health, others about traumas of their […]


Where the little brick houses stand


When I was a kid, we visited my grandma’s house every holidays. Memories of playing Duplo on her beige woollen carpet with my cousins linger, as does that time when my older cousin fell from the top bunk, and got concussion. Then there was the time when we made posters to put in the neighbours’ letter boxes […]


Love & a whole lot of teacups {Creative Business Women’s High Tea}

North Coast Creative Business Women's High Tea, Newrybar Hall, Megan Kinninment

My life’s generally pretty good, but I have a few highlights. The birth of my two daughters (of course); installing the Anthony Gormley Asian Fields artwork at the Biennale of Sydney in 2006 where I met my husband; getting married to Gregor on a hill in Eureka six month later; and now the Creative Business Women’s High Tea, […]


Out of the Box

Colourful umbrellas

Hundreds of school children sat squirming in their chairs, waiting for the show to begin. Teachers hushed and shushed. My daughter sat, back erect, mouth shut, staring at the stage. When I leant in to whisper in her ear, she motioned for me to zip up my mouth, and turned her eyes back to the stage. ‘If […]