Welcome to Wonderplace :: The Arty Party Lismore

arty party

Before moving to Lismore in 2009, I read in the paper that Lismore had the highest number of professional artists per capita in Australia. If you were at the first Arty Party, held at Spinks Park behind the Lismore Regional Gallery yesterday, you'd believe it. At about 10.45, the Arty Party … [continue]

A natural dye garden gathering

natural dye gathering day 23

It all started with Gardening Australia. One night, at Mum’s, my kids and I were watching Gardening Australia. On the show, a lady demonstrated how to dye fabrics with plants from your garden. First thing the next morning, Elki wanted to make her own naturally dyed quilt. I am excited to share the whole process with you […]


Children’s books we love :: June

children's books we love june

As usual, we spent a lot of sunshine house time reading children’s books. It makes me happy to share what’s captured our hearts this month. Click on the images to go to the store. The Man With Messy Hair by Pamela Allen We grew up on Pamela Allen. Reading I Wish I Had a Pirate Suit and Guess Who […]


Mama Creative :: Warmth, Goodness + Connection

MAMA CREATIVE The Beautiful Lens-7729

There was a knot in my tummy the night before holding the first Mama Creative retreat in Brooklet last Saturday. The table was laid with custom-made books, flower pots, seeds, art supplies and pencils…The fridge was stocked with food, and the necessary beautiful teacups were stacked on the bench. Physically, everything was ready. But how […]


The art of sharing

the art of sharing

Shareaholic. I don’t like that word. Maybe it’s because I share a lot on social media, and I feel like this word implies I might have a serious problem if I do this. Facebook, Instagram – social media in general – have really opened up our social worlds, haven’t they? For good and bad. I […]