The colour of disappointment

Something pretty to look at while you read this post

The Kidspot Voices of 2014 was announced this weekend, and I am very proud to see a number of my bloggy friends and "colleagues" in the list - Always Josefa, Dad Down Under, Keeping Up With The Holsbys, Mumma Tells, With Grace & Eve, With Some Grace...just to name a few. Wow. Go guys. So happy … [continue]

Sunshine Sundays ~ Easter

Blank wooden easter eggs

When I was nine, white chocolate ruined my life. I hate it. Here’s a little story about white chocolate… It was Easter 1992, and we were staying in Sydney with my beloved Uncle Joffy (part Uncle, part jokester, part substitute father). My grandma Joyce, Mum, my brothers and I hit David Jones, as we did […]


The House Husband

the house husband

He wakes to the sound of small voices, and the coffee machine. Reluctantly, he drags himself out of bed. The sleep-in (or so called) is the last luxury for the day. He weighs himself and performs other morning rituals before breakfast. Coffee, breakfast, and then his wife tidies away her plate and coffee cup and […]


Podcast ~ Engaging the Imagination

Engaging the Imagination Podcast

I’ve been thinking tonnes about imagination lately; about what it is, where it can take us, and what use it has in our lives. My fortnightly workshops with a local group of homeschoolers have made me realise how crazily amazing the unfettered imagination is. The stories these kids tell literally blow my mind… So with […]


Sunshine Sundays ~ Earth


I am tired today. My head hurts from staring into a computer for days, grappling a new system for work. At some point, I need to get away, lie on the grass, or in the hammock, and stare at the clouds. I had high hopes for my earth piece…but it’s going to come down to […]