Thursday Talk & Tea with Libby Gleeson & Freya Blackwood

Go To Sleep Jessie!

{Have you read Amy & Louis? This book is one of the rare picture books that tugs wildly at heart strings. It made me cry.} One of the best gigs at the CBCA conference earlier this year was the panel about picture book collaboration. Three pairs of author/illustrators shared  insights into … [continue]

Flower {the last Sunshine Sunday}

The Quincys Poppies

    This is a little painting for an animation I am making for our first Quincy song {more on that later.} Until recently, it had been a long time since I sat down and painted. I have been playing around on Bamboo Paper on the iPad for the last couple of years, liberated by the fact […]


Thursday Talk & Tea with Justine Clarke

Justine Clarke

So, we went to see Play School live in concert yesterday, and it was GREAT! Lived up to all expectations…except, Justine Clarke wasn’t there. Sad face. But I get it. Justine is really really busy. She’s on TV shows {which I love} and she performs around Australia. Just this month, she has also launched a children’s […]


Good {Sunshine Sundays}


Ahem…I have an announcement to make. Drum roll please… This week, I lay in a hammock. Yes, I did. For about five minutes. Five whole minutes. I didn’t even check my phone (actually, I did take a photo for the blog, but then I quickly threw the phone into the grass, so it didn’t really […]


Thursday Talk & Tea With Allison Tait

The Mapmaker Chronicles: Race To The End Of The World. A.L. Tait

I discovered Allison Tait early in my blogging journey. Allison is a freelance writer and author, and just this week has launched her first children’s book series: The Mapmaker Chronicles. It was Allison who inspired me to start looking into freelance writing. I have been subscribing to her website for a couple of years, and listening to […]