How to make a tiny book

How to make a little book

I discovered this great thing recently - I can make a book out of a single piece of paper, with nothing but a pair of scissors. Actually, you don't even need the scissors, if you are a really neat tearer. It's really really easy, and you can make books for all sorts of things. My imagination … [continue]

How to paint with flowers

painting with flowers

My friend Nell came over for a coffee the other morning. While I made her a flat white, she pulled out a mini mortar and pestle and frozen blue pansy petals. She told Elfie to find a few flowers from the garden. We were intrigued. Nell began grinding the flower petals using the mortar and pestle. She […]


I am not really a problogger, but…

not really a problogger

So there’s this thing happening a week from tomorrow on the Gold Coast. It’s a blogging conference. Yep. There’s a conference for everything these days, but in the blogging world, conferences are a pretty big deal. A whole pile of bloggers get together and listen to experts in the field. They share knowledge and network. I have […]


A+ in Dreaming

A + In dreaming

My four-and-a-half year old daughter received her first report card a few weeks ago. I scanned the boxes and ticks, my stomach tightening. My daughter’s sweet waif like spirit was being reduced to a few squares. A few ticks. She was being marked on attendance and rhythm, and keeping beat in time to the music. It […]


The Shop Around the Corner

You've Got Mail. The Shop Around The Corner

Once upon a time, in a world when I was hooked on romantic comedies and I had an awkward teen haircut, my heart settled into the corner of a little bookshop in New York City. Its facade was green, and its glow was golden. The effervesce of Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) made that little cosy bookshop for […]