A+ in Dreaming

A + In dreaming

My four-and-a-half year old daughter received her first report card a few weeks ago. I scanned the boxes and ticks, my stomach tightening. My daughter's sweet waif like spirit was being reduced to a few squares. A few ticks. She was being marked on attendance and rhythm, and keeping beat in … [continue]

The Shop Around the Corner

You've Got Mail. The Shop Around The Corner

Once upon a time, in a world when I was hooked on romantic comedies and I had an awkward teen haircut, my heart settled into the corner of a little bookshop in New York City. Its facade was green, and its glow was golden. The effervesce of Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) made that little cosy bookshop for […]


Thursday Talk With An Author :: Caroline Magerl

Caroline Magerl

As a writer, I love hearing about where a story comes from, how the author came up with the idea, where they work and how they work. I recently had an email conversation with author and illustrator Caroline Magerl, and her words were so astoundingly beautiful, I felt inspired to share them with you. So I thought, every first Thursday […]


The storytelling tin

storytelling tin

I have a little bag I take with me to imagination school. The boys (my ‘students’) don’t really need much in the way of stimulation – their imaginations are so rich and vibrant. But my useful bag is packed with useful things designed to unstick imaginations that have stuck. One of its contents is the […]


Ideas for outdoor imaginative play activities

outdoor nature inspired imaginative activities for kids

We did something unusual the other day. My little sunshine family sat on the beach as the sun became orange and made sandcastles. It sounds ordinary, but despite living near some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, we so rarely sit together, playing in the sand, with nothing but bare hands and our imagination. Usually, there is […]