Tales of a sagging calendar


The days are hot. Our American cousins are here. Our Granny Annie arrives in less than five days. Christmas is creeping towards us, slowly, quickly...hang on, it's almost here. As my calendar hangs from it's last scrappy page, almost collapsing from the weight of the year, I am thinking about … [continue]

Talk & Tea With Salina Yoon


It’s no secret that reading books with my girls is a pretty major ritual in our little sunshine house. I am pleased to say they both love books, and I love the closeness of snuggling beside them on the day bed, one arm around each. My children are nearly three years apart, so up until very […]


Rosie, Time For Bed

The Quincys, Rosie ,Time For Bed

We have a new song for The Quincys! I wrote Rosie, Time For Bed as a story, but Gregor has claimed it as a song. And it works. Talented songstress Shelly Brown performs Rosie, Time For Bed, and the music has been mixed and produced by Lee A. Spencer.  I made this animation lying in bed in […]



learning dance

My two year old has been studying. She’s doing a course in Humpty Dumpty and Friends, and is getting a lot out of it. She focuses intently on each page. “What’s that letter?” She points to the page number. “10.” “And that one?” “29”. She repeats what I say, and repeats the songs. She asks about the […]


Talk & Tea With Alice Pung


I studied Creative Writing and Art History at Melbourne University back in 2002-04. One of the best subjects I took was writing extended fiction. During class, we were asked to read an extract of our work. I loved listening to everyone’s pieces, but then one girl read hers, about her life as a daughter of Cambodian […]